Dia de la Bandera

bandera-mexicana.jpgDía de La Bandera - (Flag Day)
February 24 (9am -12pm)
Sutter’s Fort Historical State Park
2701 L Street, Sacramento, CA

It is said that the Aztecs (or "Mexicas", in the Aztec language) came from the North of what is México.  They were nomadic, searching to find a place to settle.  The God of War Huitzilopochtli appeared to them in a dream/vision and told them to settle in a place where they would find an eagle perched atop of a “nopal” (prickly pear cactus) devouring a serpent.

aguila.jpgAccording to the legend, the Mexica people came upon the eagle just as described in the vision, in the middle of Lake Texcoco.  In 1325, the Mexicas founded the City of Tenochtitlan (Place of the Prickly Pear Cactus).

La Bandera Mexicana (The Mexican Flag) was created in 1821.  The flag’s colors are green, white and red, which are the colors of the Mexican national liberation army.  The meaning of the colors is green for hope, white for unity and red for the blood of the national heroes.  In the middle, the “escudo” (central emblem) is an eagle standing on a cactus devouring a snake, which symbolizes the founding of Tenochtitlan, now México City, the National Capital of the United States of México.

National flag celebrations take place every year, during the week of February 24 in México.  As a national holiday and to pay respect to the national flag, most schools have a ceremony that includes a parade, the singing of the national anthem, the dedication of dances and poetry.

Only special couriers are allowed to handle the flag or to transport it across the México/US border.  The protocols are overseen by the Mexican Consul General.  The MCCNC, together with the Comité Fiestas Patrias, is honored to be invited to present this event to the community on an annual basis.

The Mexican Flag is raised and waved as a symbolic reminder of California history, while its story is recounted to the audience and elementary school students.

Every year, the MCCNC together with the Comité Fiestas Patrias presents “Día de La Bandera” at Sutter’s Fort Historical State Park, in Sacramento; the Mexican Flag (in its form during Sutter’s era) raised daily by the Fort Rangers, is a story in itself about which we invite the community to come and learn during our celebration.  t is a daytime event and admission is free.  For further detail  about our Día de la Bandera event, visit our Calendar and plan to bring the family!

Día de La Bandera also offers excellent volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested, let us know by visiting our Volunteer site.