Reina Fiestas Patrias

reyna.jpgReina Fiestas Patrias - (Beauty Pageant)
September 2, 2017
Crest Theatre,
Sacramento, CA

reyna2.jpgThis annual pageant names a “Reina de las Fiestas Patrias” (Queen of the Civic Festival).

The MCCNC and the Reina Fiestas Patrias Committee is proud to organize this event that has been a tradition in our community for over 80 years. This competition calls on the community and local businesses to support the efforts of a young woman to become the “Reina” (Queen).  Each candidate must be between the ages of 18 and 28, be a resident of Northern California, have knowledge about the historical events of September in México and have a sponsor.  The young ladies compete in various categories, including: the ability to speak, knowledge about Mexican history and tradition, creativity creating their traditional costume and show aptitude and poise at the podium and on the runway.

The pageant has four phases:

  • A bio presentation of themselves in dressy casual attire
  • A presentation of historical event or tradition in hand made costume
  • A runway walk in evening gown
  • For 5 finalist a question regarding the historical events of September and Mexican culture in general as well as current events.

Competitors participate in group training and rehearsal to prepare for a pageant that will include solo and team performances. The Reina is ceremoniously crowned before an audience, by a group of judges.  The Reina goes on to represent the Hispanic Community of Sacramento at the Fiestas Patrias and in the many events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by the MCCNC during that year.

The winners receive $4000 in scholarship funds in order to continue with their education goals. MCCNC goal is to empower the next generation of future Hispanic women leaders within our community through the power of education.  Helping these young women fulfill their dreams of getting a higher education.

Join us by entering the competition, encouraging and supporting a competitor, and/or by buying a ticket to the pageant.

We also welcome Corporate Sponsorship.  We believe that your support is essential to honor and celebrate the civic patriotic and cultural values of Mexico within the Mexican and American communities of Northern California.  Fortifying these relationships for the betterment of our communities by promoting civic and educational opportunities for young women.


The Reina Fiestas Patrias also offers excellent volunteer opportunities.  If you are interested, let us know by visiting our Volunteer site.

Funds raised by the annual pageant contribute to the cost of presenting the “Grito de Dolores”.