The MCCNC was established in 1992 by a group of distinguished Hispanic leaders from the Sacramento community with energetic interest in maintaining and sharing the culture of Mexico. Initially the cultural center was financially subsidized by Mexico to implement curriculums to promote Mexican culture within the jurisdiction that was established for the Mexican General Consulate of Sacramento in Northern California.

Our ongoing mission has been to share and preserve our region's unique and special Mexican heritage. Since 1992, the MCCNC has presented artistic and cultural educa-tional programs throughout our community's public venues, such as in school class-rooms, community art galleries, civic arenas and local auditoriums. Additionally, we support our young people by making annual art scholarship awards.

Through our artistic, educational and annual scholarship awards, we endeavor to bring the joy and inspiration of arts and culture to audiences of all ages.

Throughout the years the MCCNC has formed many lasting reciprocal collaborations and partnerships within the Sacramento area including but not limited to the Mexican Consulate, La Rondalla Guadalupe, Cien Amigos, Univision, the Crocker Art Museum, Festival de La Familia, El Comité Patriótico, Galeria de La Raza, Sacramento Parks and Recreation at Southside Park, California State University Sacramento, Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission, Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the California Women's Museum.

As a 501c(3), the MCCNC has achieved positive results within the community resulting in great support from cultural, arts and community agencies of Northern California. These agencies have enabled the MCCNC to continue offering the Sacramento com-munity arts, culture and educational programs and events and to assist others in doing the same.

Through its diverse arts, cultural and educational activities, the MCCNC has provided endless positive opportunities for children and adults to explore and discover the artistic and cultural traditions of Mexico.

The Board of Directors of the MCCNC is very proud of what has been accomplished and looks forward to continuing its contributions to the enrichment and promotion of Mexican arts and cultural traditions throughout Northern California.

Visit our "Join Us" page to find out the many ways you may join with and help our board of directors to achieve its goals and objectives.