Help out and at the same time learn or teach something new about México and Mexican Arts and Cultural Traditions. In doing so you may have the opportunity to meet visiting artists, dancers, poets, musicians, actors and singers from México or from the U.S.

The cultural center can always use a hand in ushering, collecting admission tickets, registration at events, greeters, mounting and dismounting shows and exhibits, back stage hands and security.

Maybe you have a talent or gift that would be of benefit to the community such as:

  • Spanish/English fluency to tell a story or translate material
  • Knowledge of Mexican Arts, Cultural Traditions or Historical Legacies
  • Knowledge of Mexican Music or Mexican Musical instruments
  • Mexican songs and/or history of Mexican Music
  • Knowledge of specific topic from México

Download: Volunteer Form and mail it in

or submit online

 Dia de Los Muertos
 Dia de La Bandera
 Reina Fiestas Patrias
 El Grito de Dolores
 MCCNC’s Scholarship Awards
 MCCNC’s Annual Arts Exhibit
 Artist of the Year Award
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